Top 5 Restaurants in Paris

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Paris is the capital of the Republic of France and one of the most visited cities in the world. It is therefore no wonder that the hospitality industry investors have put a lot of money in the fine dining segment to cash in on these numbers.

If you ever find yourself in Paris, make sure you dine in any of the following top restaurants.

1. Le Meurice

If you are looking to dine like a king, then Le Maurice is as royalty as any restaurant can get. It overlooks the beautiful Tuileries Gardens and features overhanging chandeliers. The restaurant has acquired several Michelin stars for its classical Escoffier vintage culinary technique.

2. L'Astrance

From the ever popular finely sliced button mushrooms to verjus marinated foie gras dressed with hazelnut oil to turbot with baby spinach and sea urchins; L'Astrance is a restaurant that knows classy food and takes pride in this knowledge.

3. Macéo

This is a vegetarian’s paradise. The restaurant serves a host of dishes that build on simple vegetables such as asparagus and tomatoes. Be sure to sample exotic dishes such as scallops marinated in sea weed oil and wild sea bass with baby carrots and mange toute.

4. Les Tablettes

This is a contemporary French restaurant that features dishes such as squid and artichokes barigoule, veal sweetbreads with confetti of lemon pulp among others. The dishes at this restaurant cost 58 Euros, with the most expensive delicacy going for 150 euros.

5. Thoumieux

For an average of 75 Euros, you can have the choicest seafood that includes lobster, langoustines, squid, baby clams and cockles in a saffron-spiked shellfish fumet. Just to demonstrate how serious this restaurant is, it got 2 Michelin stars in the year 2013.

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