Top 5 Diving Sites in Grenada

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Diving is all about discovery, and Grenada has an almost limitless supply of underwater sites to see ... we've narrowed it down to the 5 top options.

Whether you're a veteran diver or just a beginner, the underwater world of Grenada holds many wonders. With a wide variety of marine life surrounded in colourful coral reefs, plant-life, and even some oddities - like shipwrecks -it's no wonder why Grenada has become such a hot destination for diving tourists. There's so much to learn, no matter how advanced a diver you are.


Underwater Sculpture Park

If you think this ring of statues looks suspiciously like the original scultupres created by the British sculptor,  Jason de Caires Taylor, you would be right! In fact, the sculptures created from durable concrete and enforced with rebars were designed based on the artists designs. Since the depth is a maximum of 30 feet, you don't have a long dive to reach the sculptures, which have become a part of the sea, surrounded in sea sponges, coral, and schools of fish.


Whibble Reef

If you are seeking amazing marine life, then this is the site to be. Among the dense coral, you can become acquainted with creatures from below - up to 85 feet below, to be precise. Whibble reef is heavily populated with Barracuda, Sea Turtles, Eagle Rays, and more.


Japanese Gardens

Literally engulfed in colourful coral, this site mimics the splendour and beauty of a traditional Japanese garden.  It is also home to many sea creatures like turtles, lobster, and sometimes, even a lazy shark or two.


Flamingo Bay

Rainbow coral and sea sponge make up the stunning colours of the sea bed in Flamingo Bay, and is accessible to even the most inexperienced of divers. The marine life is abundant, but don't expect to see sharks or rays here ... this is the home to smaller species like seahorse and snappers.


Buccaneer Wreck

It may be difficult to tell at first, but the structure found 72 feet below is actually a sunken sloop, come to rest on the starboard side. You can swim through the structure, which has become a home to octopus and a gathering place for Great Barracuda.


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