Top 10 Russian Tourist Destinations

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Russia is rich with culture, history, and modern advancements. With so many wonderful options, it's difficult to choose where to go first. Here our 10 sites in Russia that are worth the trip!



The city of Kazan is more than 1000 years old. As a tribute to its strength, many of the original structures are still standing today, well-preserved and iconic of the time from which they came. Many of the modernized buildings from the current day still reflect some of the old-world charm. The go-to sites for tourists in this city are the Old Tatar Settlement, the Cathedral, and the Kazan Kremlin.


Lake Baikal

The locals who live nearby this lake appear to have been untouched by modern civilization. The simplicity of the forest and the preservation of the fresh water lake make this is perfect place to escape the chaos of the city. There are walking paths you can take to explore the area and connect to nature.



One of Russia's best-known cities, Moscow is a modern-day wonder. The tall buildings and skyscrapers that represent the empire age are balanced by the historical Kremlin and the Red Square, which doubled as a market square and a place to hold public executions.



The distinguishing element of this city is the Orthodox influence. Churches, cathedrals, and monasteries are in no short supply, and each one bears its own significant weight both in historical quality and traditional design.



This city offers all the essentials for a wellness retreat without the exorbitant cost of staying at a spa, using nature's remedies to help you clear your mind. The waterfront offers a perfect place to take a walk. Take a swim in the sea. Visit the peaceful arboretum. Fill your lungs with crisp mountain air. It doesn't matter what you decide to do while visiting ... you'll be returning home relaxed and re-purposed.


St Petersburg

There is a lot of Finnish influence in the city of St Petersburg ... so much, in fact, that many locals refer to themselves as multi-cultural "Europeans" than Russians. The city, itself, has much to offer, from the Kunstcamera museum which houses oddities like preserved fetuses, dissected body parts, and two-headed dogs, to Voltaire's Library. You can also engage in the theatre, or visit the Peter the Great monument, which is protected by a champagne-bottle fence.



The Golden Ring

Within the region of Zalesye, a group of cities are laid out in a ring formation known as The Golden Ring. A visit to this area includes many historical monuments, cathedrals, kremlins, and the famed "Onion Domes", named as such for the onion-shaped ornaments that sit on top of the structures.


Trans-Siberian Railway

This is week-long journey across Eurasia over the clickety-clack of train wheels on rails. While it may seem that spending such a great amount of time cooped up in a cabin, the trip gives you the opportunity to see about 80 cities, including mountain ranges and bodies of water. This is perfect for travellers wanting to see as much as possible in the short span of a week.


Volga Cruise Ship

Not all of Russia's great sites are on land. Spend a night on a cruise of the Volga dancing on the upper decks, or climb aboard during a hot day to feel the breeze of the waters as you speed along the river.



This city appears to be in an eternal state of battle. Historical buildings fight to preserve their original state, while the modern day continues to force its architectural style into the blend in hopes of overcoming the traditional structures. Because of this, old churches and monuments often appear to be out of place within a city block. The effect is truly hectic, but it still brings in curious tourists from around the world.


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