Top 5 Budget Tokyo Restaurants

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Do not break the bank trying to eat good and healthy food in Tokyo. There are numerous cheap eats in the city that are affordable to even those traveling on a shoestring budget. In fact, I would advise that you spare the money that you plan to use for dining in fancy restaurants and use it in other fun activities.

Frankly speaking, almost everything in Tokyo is done perfectly and there is little difference in the quality of food in five star restaurants and other restaurants.

Since Tokyo is the world's capital of gourmet dining with a whopping 90,000 restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice. Below is a compiled list of some of the cheapest but classy eats in Tokyo.

1. Kanda Yabu Soba

For about US$10, you will get to have a decent meal in this traditional Japanese restaurant that takes pride in serving dishes such as plain noodles with a dip, butter-fried shrimp, and hot soba in a rich broth with slices of duck breast and leek. The restaurant has a tradition spanning over 100 years which includes Kimono clad waitresses and serving food on tables or on tatami mats.

2. Sushi Bun

With $25, you can have up to eight servings of whatever seafood you love; however, the house special is the succulent anago sea eel. The restaurant offers a cozy environment to enjoy a meal and boasts one of the best customer services in a cheap eat in Japan.

3. Kushiwakamaru

For the best snacks, head to Kushiwakamaru. The restaurants signature snack is Yakitori which includes bite sized chunks of chicken pierced with a stick and the grilled and seasoned with salt or slathered with thick soy sauce. It is the tastiest chicken you will ever have.

4. Maruni

This is a barbecue restaurant that serves super-premium steak that comes from the Japanese wagyu cattle. The restaurant does things a little differently. Instead of chairs, the restaurant features some oil drums and the decor is red and black. Each of the drums has a grill next to it and all you need to do is order for a plate of meat and then grill it yourself. The restaurant oozes masculinity...and most of its customers are men.

5. Little Okinawa

Perhaps the thing that makes this restaurant make the cut of the top 5 cheap eats in Tokyo are the shots of awamori, a fiery liquor , that are used to wash down meals such as goat sashimi and pig's ear or Soft Pork Belly.

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