Three Great Reasons to Visit Bahia

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Jun 25 · in Bahia · about Local Events

Bahia has a natural beauty that can entice tourists from all over the world, but if you need a reason to visit, we found three (for a start).



More than 620 miles of coastline dotted with sandy white beaches and crystal waters create a veritable paradise for beach-lovers everywhere. While relaxing in the sun, take a look around and discover the natural flora - such as the coconut trees, and the marine life - like the whales.



It's not difficult to find a museum or landmark in Bahia - the area is rich with culture and heritage. Take some time to visit the colonial mansions of Pelourinho, or plan your trip during Carnival and celebrate like the locals.



African and Brazilian flavours come together to create a taste that is unique to Bahia. Local flavours like shrimp, beans, and palm oils are balanced and seasoned with impeccable consideration for traditional palates.


We've offered three, but you can discover the many other great reasons for visiting Bahia.


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