The Norwegian Fjords should be on your bucket list!!!

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The Geirangerfjord and Naeroyfjord are located in southwestern Norway to the northeast of Bergen. The two fjords are set about 120 kilometers from one another and the form part of the larger Norwegian fjord landscape that sprawls from Savanger in the south to Adalsnes to the northeast, a distance of about 500 kilometers.

If you are wondering why the two fjords were inscribed into the World Heritage Sites in 2007 and not the others, here is why. The two falls among the world’s longest and deepest fjords and are considered a good representation of a fjord landscape. Their beauty is unrivaled and their influence on the surrounding cultural and economic activities cannot be gainsaid.

The fjords derive their beauty from their narrow and steep sided rock walls that towers up to the height of 1,400 meters from the Norwegian Sea. Apparently, they also go beneath the sea level at a depth of 500 meters. Now tell me that is not grand…

The walls of the Fjords feature waterfalls. To add to this magnificent landscape’s aesthetics is the free-flowing rivers that crisscross the deciduous and coniferous forests. As if this is not enough, the fjords landscapes feature glacial lakes, rugged mountains and glaciers. It is in this elaborate ecosystem that both flora and fauna species thrive. From the terrestrial to marine to submarine moraines, mammals find this environment irresistible.

There are remnants of old and mostly abandoned transhumant farms that add the cultural aspect to this interesting landscape. The farmlands complement the idea that once upon a time, the fjords played an important role in the survival of humans.

If you are a sucker for beautiful landscapes like me, then you will not hesitate to visit this UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites. They are not only awe inspiring in their grandeur, but are also an idyllic, picture perfect and serene environment to unwind and relax. Trust me; the pictures you take from this location will make your buddies envious. It is the kind of place photographers get the pictures we so love to post on the post cards.

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