The Las Vegas Travel Guide

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First time to Vegas? Here’s your Las Vegas Travel Guide to help you get the most out of this amazing city.

Stay at a Good Hotel

By all means don’t break the bank, but be sure to check out the huge range of options available to you. You can book rooms from anywhere within the 2-star to 5-star range, with prices as low as $33 for 2-star hotel and motel rooms, and starting below $200 for 5-star hotel and resort rooms. Check out which hotels are casino resorts and what leisure facilities and services they provide as well. Plan ahead and you will be able to do all this, ensuring you have the best possible accommodations in Vegas that your budget will allow.


Explore the Strip

Taking a cruise down the Strip is highly recommended for first timers to Las Vegas. This is where you will see amazing sights such as some of the bigger casinos. There are also several permanent shows on the strip including Cirque du Soleil which offer eye-catching entertainment. Check out a few spots of your choice.


Gamble (if even a little)

Las Vegas is the most popular destination in the world for gambling, and this should be embraced whether or not you are a hardcore gambler. For something simple try some slots, and if you like card games there’s poker and blackjack. There is a host of games, some very fun to play even—that you can check out. Who knows, you might even get lucky! Just be sure not to get too carried away.


Sample the Cuisine

You can enjoy culinary delights crated by celebrity and world-class chefs in Las Vegas. The possibilities are endless when it comes to food in Vegas and you can sample anything from American to International cuisine. Las Vegas is also famous for buffets, which offer you plenty of food, and plenty of choices; try one.


Check out Leisure Activities

There is a lot you can do in Vegas, and you should check out some fun activities you would want to do or places you would like to visit. Vegas offers zip-lining, freebase jumping and diving with sharks among a range of other activities. Ask your hotel concierge about activities in Vegas or do your own research, and try something fun. On this one, you are allowed to get carried away; remember…what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

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