The Dolomites Ice-Covered Peaks in Italy

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There are very few surfing destinations that can rival the Italian Dolomites in terms of surfing. The Dolomites are in the same class as the Alps in Switzerland’s St. Moritz Resort, Innsbruck in Austria and Whistler Mountain in Canada.

The dolomites comprises of 18 ice-covered peaks in the northern Italian Alps. Note that they all rise above the 3,000 meters and cover a surface area of 141, 903 hectares. The Dolomites are some of the most scenic mountain formations anywhere.  They feature vertical walls, high towering cliffs and a large concentration of long deep and narrow valleys.

The spectacular landscape is made up of a series of 9 properties that have been noted as areas of geomorphological importance as evidenced by the steeples, rock walls, pinnacles, glacial land formations and karst systems that are found within the complex.

The Dolomites are characterized by frequency of avalanches, landslides and floods. The property is also home to some of the most elaborate Mesozoic Carbonate platform systems that make them important to the archaeologists interested in the floral and faunal past of the Italian Alps.

If you are looking for a place to spend a fun filled holiday, be sure to park your skiing gear. The Dolomites are the cheaper alternative of the Alps in Austria and Vienna. They have as many rinks, but with the added adrenaline that is fueled by the expectation that an avalanche may rudely cut your adventuring soul’s life short.

If you do not know how to ski, this is the best and cheapest training ground. The trainers here charge heavily discounted rates seeing that most of the people who visit the Dolomites cannot afford Whistler in Canada or St. Moritz in Switzerland.  Apart from skiing, you can engage in activities such as mountaineering, hiking, exploring the karst system and many more. This is a destination worth putting in your Italian tour itinerary or on your bucket list.

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