The Coast Coal Harbour Hotel: A Green Getaway

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Apr 22 · in Vancouver, British Columbia · about Hotels

Green is the new gold and, these days, more and more tourists are setting aside star ratings in favour of green initiatives like the policy set out by the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel in Vancouver, BC.


Coast Coal Harbour Hotel in Vancouver, BC 

While the hotel, itself, offers luxury accommodations including a fitness area, lap pool, and hot tub on top of the clean, comfortable rooms and convenient amenities that go with them, their practice of being environmentally savvy has earned them a respectable 4-green key eco-rating.


The Green Initiatives policy is well laid out:

Waste Management

  • Recycling facilities are put to use in all areas of the hotel to comply with the Zero Waste Program
  • $1 a night Carbon Offset Program for guests
  • Eco-friendly cleaning supplies and chemicals
  • Amenities purchased in bulk quantity to reduce packaging 

Energy Conservation

  • Low-flow water usage
  • Eco-cards for guests to choose how often they would like their towels and linens changed
  • Electrical equipment such as coffee machines and clothes irons have an auto-off function
  • Paper products are 100% recycled materials
  • Hot water on demand
  • Energy efficient lighting

Local and Sustainable

  • The hotel uses local, sustainable food supplies 


For a more complete outline of the hotel's Green Initiatives, click here to download the .pdf.


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