Top 5 Best Burger Places in Las Vegas

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The city of Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. It has world beating casinos, golf courses, shopping malls, hotels, convention and conference centers, bungee jump spots, night clubs and you guessed right… a red-light district. To complete the picture of an entertainment capital are the burger joints that dot the city's landscape. Below are the top 5 best burger Places in Las Vegas.

1. BLT Burger

This burger joint is named after its founder Chef Laurent Tourondel. The joint boasts a menu that includes; lamb tandoori, veggie falafels, and turkey burgers. You can also enjoy deserts such as Krispy Kreme doughnut bread pudding and raisin ice cream.

2. Bottles and Burgers

This is a 1950s burger joint that sells old fashioned ice-cream, sodas and a classic burger that is served with handmade shake or malt. If you love doing things the traditional way, why also not eat traditional burgers at this joint?

3. Holsteins

The signature burger to eat at this restaurant is the steakhouse burger that comprises of big buns, black pepper-crusted beef, creamy dressing, sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. It is topped off with sweet onion marmalade and tangy tomato comfit.

4. N9NE Steakhouse

How about a Kobe burger at N9NE Steakhouse? The burger will most likely comprise of Fatty, flavorful Kagyu beef, truffle cheese and crisp pancetta and then topped off with burnt onions, toasted mustard seed ketchup and roasted garlic aioli.

5. Charlie's Down Under

Your cardiologist will literally have a heart attack if he ever dreamt that you are eating 10-ounces of beef-topped burger that comes with oversized buns, a fried egg, bacon and cheese. However, the taste is irresistible. If you are in perfectly good health, eat it and then add an extra hour at the gym.

Now you know why no city can come close to contending the top entertainment spot against Las Vegas in the world. Make a visit to the city and you will never again look at burgers with disdain. They are an American delicacy that will stay on the food joints for the years to come no matter how much health experts argue against them.

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