Taste Newfoundland & Labrador with a Lighthouse Picnic

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Since 1870, Lighthouse Picnics has been offering a dining experience that is true to the culture of Newfoundland & Labrador.


A picnic lunch with fresh ingredients and the seaside atmosphere - what could be more delightful?
When you dine at Lighthouse Picnics in Ferryland, NL, you aren't only eating - you're creating memories.

Imagine the sounds of the ocean ... the waves, the seagulls, etc ... then add the visions of whales and other stunning sea creatures who poke their heads out of the water to greet you. All this creates a dining experience that you'll want to last for a long time. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city to take up a lunch by the sea has never been more practical, and its a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the company you're with.


The lunch, itself, is made up of locally found and grown ingredients, and food is made fresh daily. Try the freshly baked bread or the lemonade squeezed from real lemons!


It's not all about the picnic, though - included as part of your dining experience is a casual walk to the lighthouse along a path that is surrounded by the sea. The smell of the ocean, the call of the birds, and the breeze in your hair ... lunchtime simply doesn't get better than this.

Call for reservations: 709-363-7456


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