Take Part in the 18th Annual Bermuda Sand Sculpture Competition

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This August 29 to the 31st (2013) marks the 18th annual Bermuda Sand Sculpture Competition in Horseshoe Bay, Southampton. What better way to spend a day on the beach?


Load on the sunblock and get your best beach hat - we’re going to Bermuda!

Whether you’re a budding sand sculpture artist or just along for the show, it’s sure to be an exciting and eventful day.



Spend the first two days learning all the fine details for creating a spectacular sand sculpture before taking your new-found knowledge the the Bermuda sandy shores. Six hours is allotted to the sculptors to create and refine their pieces before the judging begins.

Open to anyone, the competition also includes categories for children and teens - there is no fee for entry.


For more information on how to enter the Bermuda Sand Sculpture Competition, send an email to bermudasandsculpture@bermudatourism.com, or stop by the competition’s official Facebook page.

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