Take a Tour of Russia's Golden Ring

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Aug 19 · in Russian · about Sightseeing

The history of Russia comes alive in this popular collection of historical cities.

The Golden Ring of Russia consists of a group of historic towns in Russia’s northeast countryside that form a rough geographic ring. This collection of towns is amongst the oldest in Russia, and the region is one of historical, religious and architectural significance to the country.

The Golden Ring cities preserve legends and cultural heritage from medieval Russia, with sites that date as far back as the XI century. Visit these sites, and you will literally feel like you have been transported back through time, due to their amazing preservation. You can tour on your own or book one through a tour company specially catering to excursion to these sites.

You can visit Kostroma, known for its downtown area, dating back to the XVIII –XIX centuries. This city is known as the “cradle of the Romanov dynasty”. The area—over nine centuries old—was constructed in the style of Russian Classicism and seethes with history.Suzdal is the ancient centre of the dukes. It has retained its original design as well as a huge number of medieval monuments, many of which are on the UNESCO list. Here you can visit historic cathedrals, monasteries and convents, among other sites. This city is also home to a museum of wooden architecture. You can visit, tour and even book a stay in this historic city.

Rostov the Great is the oldest town in Northeast Russia, dating back to the IX century. You can explore its well-preserved Kremlin with its chapels, chambers and towers which are unique in nature and beautifully decorated, known as the “collection of the Archbishops”. These sites are good examples of Russian XVII century architecture.