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St Lucia is one of the Caribbean's paradise islands, and Rodney Bay Village combines that beauty with all the conveniences to make a tourist feel at home.


St Lucia is a popular Caribbean island, rich with culture, beauty, and fun. If you're planning to visit St Lucia, you may want to check out Rodney Bay Village to suit your accommodation needs.

While Rodney Bay Village sits on the opposite side of the island from the airport, it is within the hub of everything a tourist needs or wants. The stunning Reduit Beach is accessible from Rodney Bay Village, and it's a hot spot for tourists and locals who are looking to escape the tropical heat.



There is no lack of hotels, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues in Rodney Bay Village, and if you enjoy boating, take advantage of the marina where yachts and boats are available to take you out to sea.

Tranquillity isn't difficult to find, despite the area's popularity, and you have a choice of spas to book a rejuvenation session with. If you're looking for excitement, operators offer adventure tours such mountain biking, jungle trekking, and horseback riding.

For more information about Rodney Bay Village:
Phone: (+44) 07534 155 530


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