Spice Trails Of Petra Tour with Explore Worldwide

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Jul 04 · in Petra, Jordan · about Escorted or Guided Tour

8 – days from $1,170

This walking tour covers some of the world's most magnificent historic and natural sites, including the rock-carved city of Petra and the breathtaking canyons of Wadi Rum. You will follow in the footsteps of the ancient Nabateans as we walk along the old spice trails, which used to connect Petra with the Mediterranean coast.

Tour Highlights

  • Wadi Rum - Walks through breathtaking desert scenery with fascinating rock formations
  • Petra - 2 days of hiking and camping in this spectacular 'Rose Red City'
  • Kerak - Visit the imposing crusader castle
  • Dead Sea - Float in the saline waters at the lowest point on Earth

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