Spain's Top 10 Tourist Attractions

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Spain has a limitless supply of things to do and see, but some of its features have been popularized over the years by tourists who visit from all over the world. Here are the top 10 things you should see while in Spain.

1 - Beaches

You don’t have to look hard to find one of the many beautiful beaches of Spain. With more than 4000 kilometres of coastline, beaches are one attraction that isn’t lacking. We recommend you visit Canaries, Formentera, Galicia, Marbella, or Mallorca.

2 - The Alhambra

Settled in the the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, you’ll find the stunning city of Granada which is home to the Alhambra - the palace of the Spanish Moorish Kingdom. After its abandonment in the 18th century, it became a home for beggars, thieves, and anyone needing a night’s shelter. The treasures that have been hidden in the many nooks and crannies may still be waiting to be discovered today.

3 - The Mezquita

Córdoba is home to the most beautiful Moorish mosque ever built on the lands of Spain. The Mezquita sits in the centre of the city, and is believed to have mystical powers that become greater with each recurring visit.

4 - The Aqueduct

Segovia has the most perfectly preserved Aqueduct in the world. In order to maintain it, vehicular traffic is prohibited to travel underneath its arches, but feel free to take a walk and study this amazing feat of ancient architecture.

5 - The Parque Nacional de Doñana

Over 1300 square kilometres of wetland make up the Parque Nacional de Doñana, which is a protected wildlife park. With various habitats, the park is a perfect place to see many different species of bird, mammal, and even some intriguing insects, if you look hard enough.

6 - Las Alpujarras

Roughly 50 villages are nestled into the Sierra Nevada and are perfectly situated to benefit from its own ecological elements. With mountain snow to water the farmlands, the area is lush with green grasses and impressive crops.

7 - Toledo

This city has architecture crammed into every available space, and the result is a heap of buildings built up on top of each other in a dizzying spiral of stone. To add to the rustic appeal of the city, the lanes are cobbled with natural stone.

8 - Royal Monastery of El Escorial

Built as a summer retreat for King Phillip II in the late 1500’s, this monastery still displays incredible sculptures and artistic paintings and tapestries. It even houses the tombs of Spanish kings in the mausoleum.

9 - Museo Picasso Málaga

Step into the world of renowned artist Pablo Picasso as his life and death are celebrated within the walls of this classic museum. Learn about the life and times of the artist while viewing some of his greatest works.

10 - Madrid

No trip to Spain would be complete without visiting the country’s capital of Madrid. Strategically set in the centre of Spain, there is no place better to observe the elements that come together to proudly show off the culture, social, economic, and architectural intricacies of the country.

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