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Patagonia - the province of wonders that borders Argentina and Chile. While you may visit for the view, you will stay for the experience, as there is so much to see and even more to learn.

The Patagonian province stretches across the land on the Chile-Argentina border including with it the southern part of the Andes mountains meeting up with the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and through the west to the Tierra del Fuego archipelago.

The beauty of the area is historical, to say the least. Ancient mountain ranges, glacier lakes, and forests that have been there for thousands of years are a testament to the glory of nature. Add to that the paintings that have been displayed on the cave walls for over 10,000 years and you get a feeling of how the people of South America once lived, and how they treasured the land and all its gifts.

The wildlife in the area fluctuates with the land, which is not always forgiving. Most of the time, however, it isn't unusual to see the elephant seals on the coasts or catch a glimpse of the whales as they return to breed and give birth. There are penguins at the glacier lakes and through the plains, you may come across the indigenous llamas know as guanacos.

When visiting Patagonia, it's all about the land and its inhabitants. There is ample opportunity for stunning photography, and the city of Ushuaia offers a world of culture and knowledge that is certain to leave you spellbound.

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