See the Dolphins on the Panama Coast

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Dolphins are exquisite creatures, and watching them frolic in the water is a memorable experience. Panama offers dolphin watching, and even the option to swim with them, if you wish.

Surrounded by the vast oceans of the Pacific and Atlantic, Panama boasts a rich population of marine animals. The dolphins are specifically popular among tourists and a boat ride into the deep blue will take you to their meeting place.

If you're feeling especially adventurous, you can suit up with snorkelling or diving equipment and join the dolphins at play. Several tour companies in Panama offer this option. 

Blue Dolphin Tours offers a small boat for a more personal experience. Snorkelling equipment is provided if you wish to get in the water.

Adventures at Sea offers the option to set out on jetskis, but boats are available if you prefer.

Capt. Anderson's Marina has serviced the dolphin watching experience for over 55 years, so they really know their stuff.

Your travel agent can help you enrol in one of these great dolphin-watching experiences.

Of course, with any water adventure, there are guidelines to follow:

  • You must not feed the dolphins, unless food is provided by your tour guide
  • Keep your distance and allow the dolphins to come to you ... please don't chase them
  • Avoid introducing foreign items into the water, such as snack wrappers, food, etc.

Your guide will be able to provide you with a complete list of rules and regulations.


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