See the Animals at the Yankari Game Reserve in Nigeria

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · May 29 · in Nigeria · about Sightseeing

With Nigeria's wildlife population in distress, the Yankari Game Reserve has made great strides in maintaining its animal kingdom. If it's animals you want to see in Nigeria, this is where you need to go.

The Yankari Game Reserve covers about 2240 square kilometres of land, and is supervised by a team of rangers to protect the land and its wildlife. Unfortunately, even with the diligent efforts of the rangers to maintain the animal population, there is still the threat from poachers who have a hand in the illegal ivory trade. The reserve is home to roughly 550 elephants, but maintaining their numbers is a never-ending challenge.

Along with the elephants, which are one of the reserves most popular attractions, you can see some of these other creatures in their natural habitat:

  • Baboons
  • Hippos
  • Buffalo
  • Lions
  • Hartebeest
  • Roan

Sometimes, seeing the animals is difficult as they have mastered the art of remaining camouflaged within the dense vegetation, but if you perch down near a watering hole, they will eventually come. There are even accommodation available by the warm springs. 

Of course, each reserve comes with its own set of regulations, so make sure you're well versed on your "do's" and "don'ts" before leaving the ranger station.

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