See Australia's Wild on Kangaroo Island

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For seeing the natural wildlife wonders of Australia, there's no better place than Kangaroo Island. This scenic area will also put you in touch with the pleasant locals who are ready with stories, tips and advice!


If you're curious about what kinds of species you'll discover on Kangaroo Island, get the camera ready, because the area is alive with all sorts of wildlife from lazy sea lions to cute koalas and, of course, the noble kangaroo. Essentially a zoo without the confines of fences, the wildlife in the area is protected and respected and tourists are to abide by certain terms to ensure the wellness of the habitats and the animals who dwell within them.


The island, itself, offers many opportunities for species to thrive, having habitats like wetlands, forests, and beaches, and there are several resorts around the island for you to stay at. If you prefer to stick it out with nature, though, you're welcome to set up camp. The locals are always friendly and eager to give you tips on the best places to spot certain animals or advise you on the places to go for breathtaking scenery.


Kangaroo Island covers nearly 100 miles of rugged terrain and developed communities, so try not to spend too much time in one spot.


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Jane Patrick: Kangaroo island is a great place to see a lot of Australian native animals and also some introduced species. Another great place to see the distinctly different native animals of Australia is Phillip island, which is just a 90 minute drive from Melbourne. Phillip island, home to the unique fairy Penguins, contains a large number of Koalas and .one of the largest colonies of fur seals. Book your next trip to Australia with an Australian travel specialist. Jane Patrick Adventure Travel Specialist, North South Travel
about 6 years ago

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