Safe Travel Tips: Packing

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Sep 24 · about Business

Here are a few packing tips to ensure your trip is safe and as incident free as possible.

A safe trip begins with packing and by packing the right items and leaving what you do not need, you instantly start to increase your likelihood of having a safe and incident free trip.

  • Always travel light. This makes it easier for you to move around more quickly and with less effort. You are also less likely to become tired and leave your bags unattended.‚Äč


  • Carry the minimum amount of valuables and plan how you are going to conceal them when you need to.


  • Avoid expensive looking jewellery which could attract the wrong attention, and mark you as an affluent tourist.


  • Pack any medication you might need on your trip. To avoid problems with customs, keep the medicines in their original, labelled containers and if possible, bring your prescriptions for them as well.


  • Bring travellers cheques and credit cards instead of a lot of cash. Keep paper money at a minimum. If you loose cash—it’s lost, but if you lose your credit card or if it was stolen, you can easily cancel it.


  • Use covered luggage tags to mark your bags. By covering your tags, you ensure your identity and information is not on broad display, while still ensuring that your luggage is marked, so if it’s lost it can be returned to you.


  • Leave all unnecessary credit cards, your social security card and all important cards that you won’t need. It is a good idea to travel with your license along with your passport.

 Follow these simple packing tips and you will surely be a lot better off during your trip to a foreign country. You will definitely feel more secure and at ease.



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