The Roman Theatre and Triumphal Arch in Orange Town, France

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If there is something intriguing and majestic that the Romans left for the future generations, it must be the Romanesque architecture as seen on Roman theatre. Located in the Orange Town of Southeast France, this monument is as graceful as it is awe-inspiring. The theatre and the Triumphal Arch were built between AD 10 and AD 25 and is one of the best surviving provincial triumphal arches from the Emperor Augustus' reign. The low reliefs that decorate the Triumphal Arch were used to celebrate the establishment of Pax Romana.

The Theater and the Triumphal Arch was at first built on Via Agrippa in the honor of the Gallic Wars Veterans and Legio II Augusta. It would later be reconstructed by Emperor Tiberius to commemorate the victory of Germanicus over Germanic tribes of the Rhineland. It features an inscription attributed to Emperor Tiberius that date as far back as the AD27.

The arch is decorated with beautiful reliefs with military themes such as naval battles, spoils of war, Romans battling the Germanics etc. The best remaining of such reliefs is that of a Roman foot soldier carrying the Shield of Legio II Augusta on the north front battle relief.

The Arch was built in the towns north to guard the town’s entry points. It features 3 arches with the center one being a little bit bigger than the rest. The entire structure measures 19.57 meters long and 8.4 meters wide and 19.21 meters high. It has four facades and each has a Corinthian column.

They say that to know history is to know yourself…there is no better place to reminisce in the day’s bygone than at the Roman Theater and Triumphal Arch. It is one of those places that make you want to get a deeper learning of human civilizations. If you have not already visited France, then starting your exploration at this destination is a good bet. If you have been to France and never go the chance to visit here, perhaps you need to change your travel agents – this is a must visit destination and it does not cost you an arm and leg to enter and explore and photograph!

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