Group Tours to Ecuador | from $1,355.00 CAD

Posted by Liz · in Ecuador · about Adventure

Group Tours to Ecuador | from $1,355.00 CAD

Posted by Liz · in Ecuador · about Adventure

Contact your Lattitude Advisors Anne Bird or Jane Patrick if you are interested in finding out more about these tours and checking if there is a departure date that works for you!

Did you know that Ecuador’s name comes from the word Equator? Most of this beautiful country lays in the Southern Hemisphere and has four distinct and contrasting regions; one of which is the ever so popular Galapagos Islands filled with stunning beaches and forests. It is also a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and the Galapagos marine reserve is a World Natural Heritage Site. The coastal region (La Costa) runs along Ecuador’s western coast and features rolling hills, fertile plains, mangroves forests, rivers, and rainforests. The Andean Highlands consists of snow-capped volcanoes, vast mountain ranges, and lush valleys. Last but not least is the Amazon rainforest region which boast Ecuador’s most pristine and biologically diverse natural habitat which also habitats several indigenous ethnic groups.

9 Days - Galapagos on the Cheap (Geckos Adventures) Prices from $1910 CAD

This is one of the shorter tours for the Galapagos but don’t let the time frame fool you. This tour gives you your fill of the beautiful protected islands. Start by meeting in the Capital of Quito, if you arrive early; spend some time exploring Quito's Old Town. Here you’ll find historic buildings - there are more than 30 churches to explore, not to mention some fascinating museums. You’ll start the Island tour with Isla Isabela. Here you’ll enjoy a guided walking tour of the island, a visit to the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center to get a close up experience with these gentle creatures and a trip up to see Sierra Negra Volcano. Then off to Isla Santa Cruz, where Tortuga Bay is situated. It has a stunning beach with fine white sand to see marine iguanas followed by a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station. San Cristobal will be your last stop of the islands where you’ll meet the local families that will host us for our two nights. Your leader will give you a walking tour of San Cristobal and visit the Interpretation Center, which gives you an excellent overview of the Galapagos story from historical events to modern-day issues, as well as covering wildlife and ecology. The remainder of your time will be up to you on how you’d like to explore the island.

Tour Highlights

Isla Isabela
Isla Santa Cruz
San Cristobal

Tour dates

Dates are available from June 2015 to December 2016.

Starts in: Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Ends in: Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Group size: 16

16 days - Bang for your Banos (Geckos Adventures) Prices from $1355

Explore Ecuador and get a taste of Peru on this epic tour. Starting off in the Capital, Quito and soak in some city culture before you hustle off into the Jungle where you’ll visit a protected private reserve with sections of secondary and primary forest. Banos is up next; located on the northern foothills of the active Tungurahua volcano, here you’ll enjoy a walking tour and have free leisure time to enjoy some activities before heading off to Cuenca. Zorritos Beach will bring you to the border between Ecuador and Peru. This long stretched out beach is famous to the locals and tempting seafood. Finish off the last few days in Chiclayo, Trujillo and Lima, where you’ll have a visit to the Chan Chan Archaeological site and leisure time to enjoy some city culture.

Tour Highlights

Amazon Jungle
Riobamba – Cuenca
Zorritos Beach
Chiclayo- Trujillo
Trujillo- Lima

Tour Dates

Dates are available from June 2015 to December 2016.

Starts in: Quito, Ecuador

Ends in: Lima, Peru

Group Size: 16

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