Morocco: A Hiker's Paradise

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Jul 30 · in Morocco · about Outdoor Activities

With varying landscapes and stunning sceneries, Morocco is one of the most anticipated places in the world for a hiker to explore.

From the shady areas under the forest canopy, to sandy dunes and rocky plains, Morocco has been blessed by nature and the land offers a whole world of uncharted paths stretching more than 700 km for the adventurous hiker.

The northern direction leads you to sloping mountains, while the south provides sandy desert areas with an unobstructed view of the stars at night. Forests run all around the land, and come with their own interesting discoveries.


You don’t have to hike to appreciate Morocco’s beauty - donkey and camel rides are available for those who can’t take the journey on foot. Naturally, there are certain tours recommended for experienced hikers only.


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