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Of all the Spanish cities, Pamplona has maintained the Spanish culture the best. It boasts some of the most awe inspiring spectacles that made the Spanish civilization great.

Pamplona, also called Iruna, is the historical capital city of Navarre Kingdom in Spain. The city was favored by geography by being in nestled in the larger Pamplona Basin. It is at the heart of major trade routes - It is 92 km from the city of San Sebastian, 117 km from Bilbao, 735 km from Paris and 407 km from Madrid.

One of the things that has maintained the relevance of the city as Spain’s cultural center is the Festival of San Fermin. The festival is celebrated from 6th to 14th July every year. Although mainly involves running of bulls,there are other traditional Spanish activities such as song and dances.

The festival has its origins from the 14th century cattle merchants. When these merchants came to sell their cattle, they would organize a bull fight to kill the hours. Even as early as those days, the event was graced with pomp and color. Opening speeches would be given, musicians would give it their best, and tournaments would be held followed by theatre, bullfights, dances and even firework.

During the festivals, tourists will be treated to spectacles such as people running in front of the bulls; the Giants and Bigheads Parade; traditional sports such as stone lifting, wood cutting, or hay bale lifting; and bull fighting. Amazingly, although the bull fighting ring in Pamplona is the 4th largest in the world, the tickets to the event always sell out during the 6 days that the bullfights shows are showcased.

Pamplona receives more than 1 million visitors during the festival. Tourists are advised to buy tickets early in order to secure tickets in the arena.

If you have never experienced the Spanish festivities at their best, maybe you need to book a flight to Pamplona and experience the best of Spanish culture, food, music and dance, and traditional way of life. The Spaniards are very welcoming - especially during the month of July. They like it when people love their culture and will go out of their way to explain things to you.

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