Learn about Aruba's Cultural Past at Arikok National Park

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Aug 22 · in Aruba · about Outdoor Activities

The agricultural history of Aruba is ready for discovery at Arikok National Park.

For an interesting outdoor adventure in Aruba, check out the Arikok National Park; established in 2000, is a nature reserve park built to protect the islands plant and animal life. The park comprises of almost 20% of the island (an area of 7,907 acres), and is home to a great geological variety, offering visitors more than just a picnic area!

On a visit to this park, you will enjoy gorgeous vistas of Aruba’s rugged terrain, desert-like hills, filled with tall cacti, a breathtaking coastline and protected local flora and fauna. You will embark on a memorable journey of the island’s past, offering unique geological, cultural and historical sites. These can all be enjoyed either on your own or during guided tours.

The Arikok National Park is also home to Conchi, also known as the Natural Pool, and a very important natural attraction in Aruba. The journey to the pool is an adventure within itself; only possible by foot, horse, ATV or 4x4 vehicle, giving you an excuse to use fun alternative transportation.

If you plan to visit Aruba in the near future, a stop at their national park is highly recommended; for a day of fun and intrigue, full of discovery, as you explore this gorgeous nature reserve.


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