It’s Not Just Guns Here at the Shooting Range “Labyrinth”

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Oct 16 · in Moscow, Russia · about Local Events

The Shooting Range Labyrinth in Moscow, Russia stocks not just guns for you to toy around with, but a variety of weapons including throwing knives, bows and crossbows among others, with skilled trainers providing lessons. Check it out for a day of adrenaline-pumping action!

Heading to the shooting range offers you the opportunity to fire weapons in a safe environment, with the right professionals around to ensure this is so. But most ranges come up short when it comes to a real “range” of weapons. We’re not talking about guns here; we mean various types of weapons like knives and crossbows, and even axes to give you the true edge. What’s more, the Labyrinth has highly trained professionals to offer you short lessons/briefings on how to use these various weapons. You more than likely won’t have to use the training you receive here, but it won’t hurt to try, and it sure packs a lot of fun.

The Labyrinth has an archery range, air gun range and a knife throwing hall for you to hone your skills. They also have in stock different types of weapons like various types of crossbows and bows, throwing knives, axes and a huge selection of well-known pistols and rifles. You may choose from Russian made weapons or American; just about any country that makes guns, and you will have the time of your life exploring various techniques and weapon types.

They are located in Kutuzovsky prospect near Moscow, and are not hard to find. They offer free parking, as well as free Wi-Fi for you convenience, as well as the assistance of their highly trained weapon specialists, most of which are nationally ranked, and some of which are national champions. Come try out a Glock, with its rapid-fire mode and extended clips, or an AK47, one of the most popular and recognizable rifles; you can even fire a sniper rifle! Then when you’ve had your fill with guns, try out a few other weapon types, and trust me you will want to come back!


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