Top 5 Budget Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur is the capital of the Republic of Malaysia and one of the most visited cities in Asia. Of course you would love to know where you can get cheap but quality food in the city...and I have obliged by listing the best 5 of such eateries.

1. Nasi Kandar Pelita

With over 50 outlets, this Indian chain offers food for as little as US$3. Among the dishes you can expect to sample here include tangy beef rendang, curried cuttlefish, grilled and fried fish and some concoction of vegetables that I am reliably informed comes from farms in Malaysian countryside.

2. Hakka Restaurant

The dishes served here start at $4 each. They include tofu with fermented beans, morning glory greens sautéed in spicy shrimp paste, herbal chicken slow-cooked in a clay pot and many more. It is the kind of restaurant you become so used to that you find it hard to cook meals at home.

3. Precious

Fish cake, chili and galangal steamed in banana leaf; prawns cooked in a delicious rich coconut sauce; pickled vegetables smothered in crushed peanuts and many more are some of the dishes you can expect to sample at this restaurant - and all these at the affordable price of US$15.

4. Coliseum Cafe

This cafe is the cheapest European restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Its signature dishes include; Ox Tail or Mulligatawny soup, Welsh rabbit and Sizzling Steak. The chic cafe is where tourists that would love a taste of Europe go.

5. Soo Kee's Son Restaurant

If you really want something that is authentically Malaysian, then you need to head to 29B Medan Imbi where you will find one of the greatest Malay eats in Kuala Lumpur. Among the dishes that you can sample here includes: a mix of spinach, squid and pork liver; yellow noodles, wok-fried in squid ink with crunch pork crackling, prawns and pork and many more.

In Kuala Lumpur, nothing is least as far as I know. Everyone seems to take their business quite seriously and thus the food served will always be high quality. Make sure that good food is part of your Malaysian experience.

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