Immerse Yourself in Japanese Culture by Staying at a Ryokan

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If you're looking for an experiential Japanese vacation, consider staying at a Ryokan ... there are simply no substitutions for the perfect Asian experience.


In the early 17th century to the late 19th century, Ryokans were popular accommodations for Japanese travellers. These inns were created to offer comfort to those weary from a long journey as the comforts of travel we have today were unavailable. The floors in the rooms were covered with straw mats (tatami) for warmth and robes (yukata) were included in the amenities along with a communal bath. One of the things that made the Ryokan such a delightful place to spend a night was the feeling of belonging. A casual conversation with the owner of the establishment was a traditional event held in the common room.

Today, Ryokans have become more difficult to find, as the cost of staying in one is generally greater than most hotels (a savvy traveller can find a great price on a Ryokan). Certain details of the Ryokan have evolved with the ages, such as the replacement of the straw mats for synthetic ones, futons have taken the place of straw mattresses, and room service has been implemented as a common option for all guests. In-room tea service adds to the ambience of traditional Japanese lifestyles. The yukata is still in use to this day and will be offered to you for your comfort.


To keep costs down, look for a family-owned establishment, which has lower rates than commercial Ryokans. Dinner and breakfast are included in the cost of the room, and consists of Japanese haute cuisine.


When it's time to relax, a leisurely stroll around the grounds will envelope you in the beauty of Japan without all the chaos of the modern Japanese city.


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