Historic Centre of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

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One of the best examples of Renaissance urbanization in the world is not in Europe, nay, it is in Brazil. The city’s name is Salvador de Bahia. Traditionally, the Brazilian city of Salvador de Bahia was called ‘São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos’ which is translated as ‘City of the Holy Savior of the Bay of all Saints’. This city is the largest on Brazilian’s north eastern coast. It is also the capital of the Brazilian State of Bahia.

Salvador de Bahia was the first capital of the republic of Brazil – from 1549 to 1763 to be precise. It is an outstanding example of Amerindian, European and African blending. It was home to the first slave market in the ‘New World’. Due to the surrounding sugarcane plantations the slaves had a ready market. Amazingly, the city has managed to keep its renaissance architecture well preserved.

Like said before, the city played an important socio economic part in the formation of the Brazilian State. Although the political role was transferred to Rio de Janeiro, the city has continued to play a very important role in the northern Brazil culture, politics and economy.

The city’s historic center features the Pelourinho quarter and its triangular place. It is a classic example of the 16th century planning with a lot of monuments and construction on a hilly landscape, overlooking the rest of the town. It is a place of immense beauty that will force you take photographs whether you are a photography buff or not.

Apart from the Pelourinho quarter, there are other 17th and 18th century that are also worth looking at. The cathedral and the convents of St Francis, St Dominic, Carmel and St Anthony, Salvador; and also the Baroque Palaces such as Archiepiscopal Palace, Saldanha Palace, Ferrão Palace will take your ancient buildings tour to a new high.

Whichever angle you look at this historical city, you will come to the conclusion that it is worth visiting. Whether you are looking to spend a quiet vacation on the beach or you want to venture into the ancient streets and buildings, you will never fail to derive some satisfaction that indeed, this is the place to be for a well-rounded vacation.

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