Getting Married in Paris: What You Should Know

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Getting married in Paris happens to be the dream wedding for many young girls. You’ll be pleased to discover that it’s not a very complicated process.

Your focus may be the ceremony, the decoration, the cake, and that gorgeous dress you’ve picked out for your big day, but there is more to consider to connect your wedding with your legal marriage.

The civil ceremony

For a legally binding marriage document, France laws dictate the you must marry in a civil ceremony presented by the mayor. The ceremony is done in French, so you may want to provide a translator.

The religious ceremony

You have every opportunity to get married by a priest or leader of your denomination,but it will not be recognized as a legal marriage. If you have your heart set on the ceremony in one of Paris’s stunning churches, then you’ll need to marry in a civil ceremony as well, before or after your wedding day.

What you need to bring

A marriage in Paris means you need to provide very specific legal documentation. Before you set out to France, double-check your baggage for the following items:

  • Passport
  • Medical certification (only valid if examination was conducted by a French doctor)
  • Birth certificate (long form including translation)
  • Justificatifs de Domicile (this is your proof of residence)
  • Certificat de Coutume (this certifies your availability for marriage and acknowledgement of the marriage in your country)
  • Certificat de Celibat (this certifies that you are not currently married)

If you need help with obtaining some of the necessary documentation, contact your French consulate for guidance.

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