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Moving within a city is simple with many options of public and private transportation, but what if you want to move from one city to the next? It's easy to do when you're in the Honduras!


The Honduras is small enough that you can spend your vacation visiting the various cities in the country, but if transport woes have you thinking you need to stay in one place, think again!  There are options for getting around, and you can use one - or all - to make the best of your Honduras holiday.


By Bus

Getting around within the cities is simple enough with the use of public transportation and taxis, but public buses don't cross city lines and taxis are simply too expensive. That's why the best option is to take a motorcoach or commercial bus line. The largest bus line in the Honduras is Hedman Alas, who offers a non-stop trip to your destination. 


By Water

If you're planning a visit to the Bay Islands, there are regularly scheduled ferries available to ship passengers depending on where you cross from.

The crossing from Roatan takes up to 2 hours, but it is advised that you arrive for docking at least 30 minutes before departure to ensure you secure a spot on the ferry, despite its 450 passenger capacity - particularly during peak tourist seasons.

The crossing from Utila is a little shorter of a trip - about an hour - but it can only take about 80 passengers across at a time.


By Air

If you are travelling from one city to another, you have your choice of 4 international airports offering domestic service. These airports can be found in the cities of:


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