Get Lost in Chile's Valley of the Moon

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · May 08 · in Calama, Chile · about Sightseeing

Over time, Mother Nature has carved and moulded the Earth's terrain and atmosphere to display the most stunning backdrop for plant and animal life around the world. One of the most picturesque views can be found in the Valley of the Moon in Chile.

The Valley of the Moon, or "Valle de la Luna", is found in the Cordillera de la Sal in the Atacama desert. Essentially a monstrous natural coliseum, the dunes that surround it provide a perfect vantage point to view the actual moon from during the night. The lunar-like structure of the area help give the impression that you are actually on the moon.

The formations of sand and rock that cover the valley floor have been carved out by being exposed to the elements for centuries. Winds and water have formed the ranges to make textures that are reflective of the moon's surface. The salt left by evaporated lakes give off the white tone that the moon is famous for. Some parts of the area have not been touched by water or rain for hundreds of years.

During the daytime hours, the valley is hot, but there is shade in the numerous caverns dotting the land. Views of the Licancabur Volcano and other imposing mountains are clear in the light of day, despite the distance they stand from the valley. To truly appreciate the valley, it may be necessary to visit both night and day ... there is far more to see than rocks and sand!

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