Five Things You Won’t Think Twice to do in Fiji

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Sep 16 · in Fiji · about Local Events

Fiji offers a huge range of activities and points of interest for visitors to take part in and see respectively. Here are five that you definitely will not be thinking twice to try.

Fiji is a beautiful destination, consisting of 333 islands with some of the best accommodations and ‘pleasure-packages’ in the world. The choices and price brackets vary from ‘economic’ to ‘ultra-luxurious’ when it comes to accommodations, and you can easily find the right priced room(s), given you book ahead of time. When it comes to leisure activities, this is also the case. You can engage in a variety of activities and tours without having to be one of the ‘super-wealthy’ tourists that visit here. Here is a list of “Five Things You Won’t Think Twice to do in Fiji”:


1. Water Sports and Sailing

The island is rich with water-based activities you can engage in, at numerous locations. Some come as part of the hotel package, while some are independently operated and owned, with a more private experience. You can take part in almost every kind (if not every kind) of water-based activity there is, from sailing to riding jet skis. You can even take part in a surf class, where you will graduate from being a novice and ride huge swells. Be sure to check out at least one of these activities, and you will find that you will want to try more.


2. Diving and Snorkelling

Fiji, home to a large population of exotic tropical marine life, has pristine, beautiful and clear waters. Going diving or snorkelling gives you the opportunity to check out what’s happening underneath the surface of the ocean, where these aquatic creatures reside. You will have a chance to explore coral reefs and see unique and interesting fish.


3. Visit a Spa

Fiji is home to a plethora of spas, whether independently or associated with a resort. Most offer first-class treatments and facilities, with luxurious or all-natural designs and feels, as well as top-notch therapies and treatments. You will find a wide range of spas to choose from on your trip here, so be sure to check one out for a relaxing treatment.


4. Have an Eco Adventure

The tropical island of Fiji boasts beautiful beaches and waterfalls, as well as lush jungles that are home to a variety of exotic animals. There are numerous ways to enjoy a day outdoors with activities such as hiking, cycling, rock-climbing, camping and touring. Imagine spending a day surrounded by nature, indulging in activities that not only enhance your understanding and perspective of life and nature, but also have your heart pumping?  This provides the occasion to not only improve your health but also offers a thrilling and exciting adventure. Focus on your health and wellness. Learn more about the earth that you live on. Have an eco adventure in Fiji.


5. Enjoy Leisure Tour/Excursion of Your Choice

There are numerous tours and excursions that you can embark on in Fiji, that offer everything from fun to education to a combination of these. A nature/eco tour will take you take to exotic locations for walks and swimming etc. or even a dune buggy tour, where you will explore one of the islands at high pace. The possibilities are endless. Try fishing expeditions, helicopter tours, island tours, cruises, boat tours and a range of other activities. Check out what is on offer at your hotel or resort, as well as local tours and excursions, which you can see online or hear about by asking a local, your hotel or travel plan provider.


These are only a few of the options available to you in Fiji, and you can check out the range of other activities available which include horse-back-riding and golf. Whatever your passion is, you will be able to embrace it in Fiji. For more information, or for help with bookings, please feel free to contact us.