Explore the Baltic with Azamara Club Cruises

Posted by Laura Hernandez - Nurse · in Baltic Sea, Anywhere · about River or Ocean Cruises

Explore the Baltic with Azamara Club Cruises

Posted by Laura Hernandez - Nurse · in Baltic Sea, Anywhere · about River or Ocean Cruises

The initial layers of a city, including its people, buildings, and shops - can be seen by anyone, with each person having a similar view. Inspiration is found when one goes deeper - beyond the surface of a city. Explore the world within the world, while discovering more about yourself. With overnight stays and docking at smaller, less-traveled ports, Azamara Club Cruises invites you to step ashore as an insider and Explore Further.

The moment you step onboard an Azamara ship, you feel it; a special kinship, shared between captain, crew and fellow travelers. An atmosphere that sets you immediately at ease, and excited for an adventure to one of the most amazing place. Averaging only 700 guests, each of the 3 ships are beautiful boutique hotels at Sea perfectly sized to cross oceans and sail into hidden harbors, up world rivers and intimate ports of call often into the heart of a city like Seville, Spain or Hong Kong. Club-like setting offering the finest features, food and beverage, entertainment and onboard activities.

Why Azamara?

Cultural Inmersion

Longer stays. More overnights. Country-Intensive itineraries. Land and Sea packages. Authentic Shore Excursions. Complimentary AzAmazing Evenings®.

Inclusive Amenities

Gratuities. Beverages. Self-service laundry. And more!

Personalized Comfort

Boutique hotel. Concierge services. Shuttle services to and from port communities.

If you book your Baltic journey with North South Travel you will be able to enjoy the following perks:

  • $500 Onboard Credit
  • Free Wifi
  • 50% off the cruise fare of the second guest

Share & Save offer valid through May 31st, 2019.

Cruising the Baltic

The Baltic Sea had been the highway for the Vikings in their explorations of the world half a millennium before Columbus. Today, the land of the Vikings is known as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The Baltic sea extends for a thousand miles from Southern Denmark to almost the Arctic Circle and it separates the Scandinavian Peninsula from the rest of continental Europe. Azamara has cruises that were carefully designed and crafted to explore the Baltics and the civilizations they gave birth to like

These countries were built on sea life and are magnificent to visit by Azamara’s beautiful small ships that intimately hug the coastlines visiting hidden harbors and unique ports. St. Petersburg is truly a centerpiece, with more time devoted to than any other stop and more than any other ship in its class. Azamara spends 80% of its time in port and only 20% sailing from place to place. Russia is irresistible with its rich culture and dramatic history, it’s colorful onion-domed architecture and it’s great legacies of literature, music and dance and incredible historical figures. On an Azamara cruise, you spend 3 full days and 2 full nights blocks from the Hermitage where, you could spend even longer and not see it all. That’s the magic of Azamara, they slow life down to give you time to immerse in destination, connect with people of the places you visit the culture and yourself. Azamara brings you close to new experiences through Destination immersion offering you the best of both sea and land – day and night. With Azamara you enjoy an intimate, tailor-made nighttime event – complimentary and exclusive for Azamara guests on most voyages 7 nights or longer. Each AzAmazing evening embodies the cultural DNA of the destination, delivering all – inclusive personal connection between you, the place and its people.

If there is one thing that excites our Azamara cruise guests the most, it’s the quality of the experiences that lie ahead. With Azamara, each of our cruises explores life in storied destinations up close and intimately, allowing you to decide how to immerse yourself in destination. On every Azamara voyage we will discover inviting ports of call from the inside out, going to hidden ports, meeting locals and seeing incredible sights onshore. This is why we really enjoy sailing on Azamara as they connect you with people and the destination and our laser focused on ensuring they make the most of each moment onshore, day and night. Prepare to be inspired by traditions, centuries old, and share moments authentically made in beautiful countries like Denmark, Sweden, Russia. Azamara explores coastal settings and intimate harbors where the big ships don’t go – and leave the crowds and, the lines behind.

Azamara Itineraries are carefully choreographed so you experience the best of land and sea, thoughtfully put together to create a seamless trip from start to finish. Baltic voyages are a perfect choice as we see everything that matters and each new ports promises a new place to discover. Because Azamara know it’s not only what you see but how you see it. We take you to the heart and soul of the Baltic and to 375 other unique ports around the world to help you connect on a deep, meaningful level at each port with its people, and it’s way of life by delivering experiences that give you a new perspective.

Suggested Itinerary:

10-Night Amalfi & Dalmatian Coasts Voyage

This voyage begins in Rome so arrive early and take in all the Eternal City has to offer before setting sail to Amalfi. Looking postcard-perfect, this picturesque town is built high into the cliffs above the beautiful blue sea below. Explore the beaches, the cloister, the shopping, the cuisine, and the best part—the famous coast road.

Then it’s off to Taormina (Giardini Naxos), Sicily. Stroll the beaches, tour the ruins, and don’t miss Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe.

A late stay in Kotor, on the Dalmatian coast, lets you explore one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the Adriatic. Dubrovnik is outstanding – the whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk along the ancient walls, then shop for leather, Konavle embroidery, or gold.

Because the ships are smaller, you will sail next through Croatia’s spectacular Inside Passage before arriving at the island of Hvar—popular with yachters and celebrities. Go on an off-road exploration through remote villages and rolling vineyards. Smell the lavender, and work up an appetite for lobster with homemade spaghetti accompanied a glass of local wine.

Zadar is a study in contrast. Cobblestone streets meet contemporary buildings, while the Croatian countryside is just a short drive away. Visit nearby Krka National Park and Plitvice National Park or sample the local libation, Maraschino, distilled from marasca cherries.

Your voyage concludes with an overnight in Venice.

At-a-glance Voyage Itinerary

SAT 3-AUG 2019Civitavecchia, (Rome), ItalyEmbark-6:00 pm
SUN 4-AUG 2019Amalfi, ItalyTendered7:30 am10:00 pm
MON 5-AUG 2019Sorrento, ItalyTendered7:30 am7:00 pm
TUE 6-AUG 2019Giardini Naxos, (Taormina), Sicily, ItalyTendered9:00 am6:00 pm
WED 7-AUG 2019At SeaCruising--
THU 8-AUG 2019Kotor, MontenegroDocked8:00 am10:00 pm
FRI 9-AUG 2019Dubrovnik, CroatiaTendered8:00 am10:00 pm
SAT 10-AUG 2019Hvar, CroatiaTendered8:00 am8:00 pm
SUN 11-AUG 2019Zadar, CroatiaDocked8:00 am8:00 pm
MON 12-AUG TO TUE 13-AUG 2019Venice, ItalyDocked/Debark9:00 am (Aug 12)-

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