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Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Dec 13 · in Cape Town, South Africa · about Escorted or Guided Tour

“18-Day South Africa Overland”

South Africa is a haven of spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife, diverse cultures and first world norms, topped with a healthy and invigorating climate. These qualities make it an adventure destination not to be missed. A country virtually the size of Europe with over 3000 kilometer’s of unspoiled coastline, boasting climatic differences from searing hot desert to snow-capped peaks, and varied cultures, from the primitive Bushman to the most Western of ways. They visit the highlights, but leave the beaten track to explore the great outdoors and visit a variety of African eco-systems. Overnight stops are mostly at Drifters owned properties in pristine reserves where extensive conservation and game introduction projects have created truly unique accommodations and surroundings. This fantastic tour will show you the country and at the end you won’t want to leave.

“12-Day Uganda Explorer”

"The Pearl of Africa” - Uganda offers a unique diversity of wildlife, natural beauty, and friendly inhabitants that all combine to make the country one of Africa’s hidden gems. This tour includes the obvious attractions of trekking in indigenous forests to see wild gorillas and chimpanzees, as well as exploring vast water-ways, mystical villages hidden in mist, and the lesser known sights of tree climbing lions, huge pods of hippopotamus, and of course the endless variety of plains animals.

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