Experience Gambia at Tendaba Camp

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To truly experience all Gambia has to offer, consider a stay at Tendaba Camp for a trip full of adventure, discovery, and entertainment.


On the banks of a river sits the Tendaba Camp area. The journey to reach it will take you many miles through Brikama and Kiang Kwinella and into the West Coastal region of the country. Your first impression of the camp may be rugged, but bursting with nature's wonders like the forest, wildlife, and a spectacular view of the River Gambia. What many people may not realize is that, despite the camp's efforts to maintain its natural quality, the accommodations still have the comforts of the modern world such as internet service and satellite tv.



There is a bar and restaurant on the property, as well as a swimming pool and a couple of conference centres should you need them, but what makes Tendaba Camp great isn't the amenities - it's the experience. The thought of exploring Gambia on foot or by jeep will take you away from technology and into the wild where you will discover Gambia's wildlife in their natural habitat. Keep your eyes open! Monkeys and all kinds of bird species like to watch from the trees.


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