Embark on a Falkland Islands Battlefield Tour

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Experience the war-torn areas of the Falkland Islands in this emotional historical tour.

In 1982, the Falkland Islands played host to a war between Argentinean troops and the British Task Force, in a pivotal moment in history over possession of these said lands. The war ended with the invading Argentineans surrendering, which the British accepted, thus ensuring the maintenance of the Falkland Islands as a British colony to this day.

There are numerous battlefields and sites scattered throughout the region, which still bear remnants of this historic war. There are fallen planes, used munitions, bunkers, foxholes and minefields, each telling its own story. There are also museums, monuments and sites, such as cemeteries used in the battle.

These battlefields and other sites of interest pertaining to the war, hold numerous discoveries and stories for visitors, as well as war objects that will intrigue you. One can tour chosen sites oneself, or book a tour with a company that specifically caters to touring of these battlefield sites. These tours normally last a couple days, and include various destinations, where you will not only check out these cool sites, but also see amazing wildlife such as penguins, among other experiences and amenities. It is recommended to book a tour with a company, to ensure you visit the most interesting sites, while having a knowledgeable tour guide explaining  things, telling stories and answering your questions the whole way.


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