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The old town of Regensburg is located on the banks of River Danube in Bavaria and is one of the oldest towns in Germany. It is an outstanding example of a trading center whose roots go back to the 9th century. Amazingly, the town’s buildings are still in good condition.

Some of the buildings found here spans over two millennia and show cases the best of Roman, Romanesque and Gothic buildings. Most of Regensburg’s architecture can be placed in the period between the 1th and 13th century. It includes the market, the cathedral and the city hall. Amazingly, this ancient structure still defines the urban character of the town.

The town is characterized with narrow lanes and tall buildings and strong fortifications. You will find medieval patrician houses and towers, a good number of monasteries and churches and a 12th century bridge. The town’s vestiges are a testimony to the rich history of the Holy Roman Empire in the town, which later turned to Protestantism.

One of the most notable events held in the town was the Imperial Assemblies. It was popular as a seat of Perpetual Imperial Diet general assemblies till the 19th century.  Among the buildings that have been graced by kings that you should also make a point of visiting include the Church and monasteries of St. Jacob, Niedermunster, St. Emmeram, and Alte Kapelle.

The old town of Regensburg was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2006. It sits on a 183 hectares piece of land and is surrounded by a buffer zone that equals 776 hectares. The town is preserved as one of the few remaining towns in Europe that can boast Roman, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and neo-classic styles of architecture.

Regenburg is an old Bavarian town that boasts a rich heritage without being overly ostentatious like other German cities. It is the kind of town you visit over the weekend with your loved one for an ‘alone time’. It is specifically ideal for those travelling on a lean budget since it is not as expensive as larger cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt.

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