Discover Miami

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Sep 25 · in Miami, Florida · about Local Events

Here’s a list of things we think you should definitely try during your trip to Miami, Florida.

Make a Splash in Miami

Miami is full of beaches and you should definitely visit one (or even a few) during your stay here. You will find warm waters all four seasons. A good spot to check out is South Beach which is Miami’s most famous beach. There are beaches that cater to families, dog friendly beaches, beaches with walking paths and picnic tables, as well as beaches with high water sport and surfing activity. You can choose to go diving or snorkelling or even boating; it’s all possible in Miami!


Go Clubbing

Enjoy Miami’s Legendary Nightlife during your stay here. Popular spots on South Beach that you can check out include Mynt and LIV. There are numerous nightclubs, as well as entertainment venues where you can see live acts. There are Latin themed establishments where you can salsa, as well as techno, house, urban and a range of other types of clubs. You can’t go wrong in choosing one, as most play a good mixture of music, so be sure to head to the clubs!


Enjoy a Variety of Cuisines

Miami is a land of mixed cultures and traditions and you will a find a good selection of cuisines to sample in Miami, from Cuban to Japanese. Try burgers, tacos, sushi, steak; the opportunities are endless, and purposefully exploring the variety of cuisines here is quite a tasteful and fulfilling experience!


Visit Local Attractions

Miami has attractions for everyone. You can swim with dolphins at Miami Seaquarium, see exotic animals at Jungle Island and see primates at the Monkey Jungle. Miami also has botanical gardens, and a zoo with over 2,000 animals.  You can opt to visit anything from alligator attractions to museums, art deco stops, historic and cultural sights, theatres and casinos; the list of places you can check out is endless, so whatever you like, you will be sure to find!


Enjoy a Festival Event

Miami is known to host a good amount of festivals per year, and you can see if one will be coinciding with your trip for a chance to enjoy the lively, celebratory side of Miami. A good upcoming festival is the HESS SELECT South Beach Seafood Festival, which will be taking place in October. This is a culinary affair, and you will surely taste some amazing seafood. Do your research, depending on when you’re planning to travel, and you will find a range of festivals celebrating cuisine, music and art.