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The Copan Archaeological Park can be found in the Western part of the Honduras. The amazing stone sculptures and ancient heiroglyphs make it a popular tourist attraction.


In the centre of the Copan Valley sits an impressive park rich with history about ancient Mayan civilization. The Copan Archaeological Park is a popular tourist spot and includes two museums to view some of the finer artifacts.


To truly appreciate the history of the area, it's recommended that you hire a guide, who can point out important features and tell the stories that related to them.

The park is essentially broken up into 5 sections:

The Acropolis contains two plazas – east and west court. Each plaza has its own temple, but the temple in the west court is believed to have been created as a portal to the other world.
The Ball Court was essentially, the town gathering place. It is the second larges in Central America and contains unique carvings and structures.
The Great Plaza contains many alters that appear to be randomly situated around the area. Many of these altars contain the visage of animals.
The Hieroglyphic Stairway contains thousands of glyphs that tell the story of Copan's royal family. Unfortunately, the story is incomplete due to the ruin of the stairs on which they were placed.
The Tunnels stretch over 4 km in length and contain more evidence of an earlier civilization.

Practical Information

Buses are available directly from San Pedro Sula and Guatemala.
Shuttle buses leave from La Entrada and Antigua

Archaeological Park: $15.00USD
Mayan Archaeology Museum: $3.00USD
Museum of Mayan Sculpture: $7.00USD
Rosalila Tunnels: $15.00USD
Jaguar Hot Springs: $15.00USD

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