Cruising Antarctica and the Arctic

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The frigid waters of Antarctica and the Arctic are commonly overlooked as a holiday destination, but a cruise through icy waters offers much to discover.

How do you want to travel the waters of Antarctica or the Arctic? How far are you willing to go? 

Cruise ships of Antarctica and the Arctic aren't your typical luxury cruise lines - they're made to take on the unforgiving elements of the deep South and North Poles. The most popular ships for tourists are the expedition ships, available as regular expedition or luxury class. 

Expedition Ships: A fortified hull gives this ship the strength needed to cut through the thinner layers of ice and will take you up-close and personal to view the breathtaking beauty of Antarctica and its inhabitants. We recommend Antarctic's 56-passenger Polar Pioneer.

Luxury Expedition Ships: This is similar to the regular expedition ship, but offers more in terms of "luxury". More comfortable cabins and spacious rooms create a relaxing environment among harsh conditions. We suggest Antarctic's 100-passenger Corinthian.

Of course, there are also the powerful icebreaker,s like the Arctic's 120-passenger 50 Years of Victory, and research vessels for those looking for an experiential vacation.


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