5 Things you must do when visiting Brazil

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Brazil is much more known around the world for football, but it is also an ideal safari destination in whichever angle you look at it - the country is one of the most cosmopolitan nations on earth, it has over 7000 kilometers of coastline, a large territory of the Amazon is located in the country, it boasts some old historical towns and has a massive wetlands region. Below are some trips and tours you should consider when you are in Brazil.

1. Exploring Rio

Rio de Janeiro, or more commonly Rio, is a city no tourist can resist. From the traditional festivals to beautiful beaches to hiking trails and launch pads for hang gliders. Rio has everything a tourist is looking for and you won't want to leave the city.

2. The Amazon Expedition

River Amazon is the main highway into this dense and marshy region that is home to the world's largest tropical rainforest. The Amazon Basin is home to more than 20% of the world's terrestrial species and thus it would be a big 'miss' if you do not get to visit it during your Brazil Safari.

3. Deep into Pantanal in Bonito

Just for comparison purposes, the Brazilian Pantanal marshland is 17 times larger than Florida's Everglades National Park. In this vastness, you will get to the world's biggest jaguars, giant anteaters, river otters, capybaras, more than 400 species of birds such as blue-and-yellow macaws and jabiru storks. You can snorkel in the natural springs, paddle your way to the waterfalls and take a swim in the forest ponds.

4. Hike around the majestic Iguaçu Falls

There is no need to explain that this falls are rivaled only by the Victoria Water Falls in Zambia for the top spot in the world in terms of size and grandeur. If you can make it here, it will be worth your while.

5. Exploring the Cerado

To the south of the Amazon lies vast grassland with scattered shrub known as the Cerrado. It is more endangered than the Amazon, so you better hurry and see what remains before it all has gone under cultivation. In Emas National Park, you will get to see some Brazilian wildlife. It is in this park that the corn-billed Tanager was rediscovered.

When in Brazil, watch the football and engage in the festivals, but never forget the beautiful landscape that awaits you out of the city. You Brazilian tour will never be complete without experiencing the wild.

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