See the Stunning Patagonia in Argentina

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Patagonia, Argentina · 2 Comments

Patagonia - the province of wonders that borders Argentina and Chile. While you may visit for the view, you will stay for the experience, as there is so much to see and even more to learn.

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Get Lost in Chile's Valley of the Moon

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Calama, Chile

Over time, Mother Nature has carved and moulded the Earth's terrain and atmosphere to display the most stunning backdrop for plant and animal life around the world. One of the most picturesque views can be found in the Valley of the Moon in Chile.

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Take a Cruise in Papua New Guinea

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a land lost in time ... where the days of old have little changed. There is simply no better way to impress upon a traveller the true significance of the land than to view it from the deck of a luxury cruise line.

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Walking the Glaciers of Norway

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Norway

Norway's Glaciers look intimidating in pictures, but you can't truly appreciate them until you've seen them with your own eyes. Walking the surface of these stunning ice formations is an unforgettable experience.

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Learn About Inuit Culture in Greenland

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Greenland

Greenland owes its history to the cultures of the Inuit people who have lived there for centuries. Discover the land by learning about its people

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Getting Married at Edgewater Lodge, British Columbia

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Whistler, British Columbia

  Beautiful British Columbia is the home of the Edgewater Lodge - one of the area's most sought after wedding destination...

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The Pantanal: Brazil's Wetlands

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Pocone, Brazil

The Pantanal in Brazil is a rich wetland area preserving some of the world's most precious species. See why it's worth the trip!

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See the Castles of Ghana

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Ghana

Ghana's lands are rich with history and discovery. Visit some of the nation's castle and forts for an intriguing journey into the past.

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Islandhopping Deluxe by Boat & Electric biycle or Hybrid Bike Cycling Holiday National Parks of Dalmatia PLUS!!!!

Posted by North South Travel in Croatia

Electric bikes are a true declaration of independence for everybody who enjoys activity. They allow a hassle-free cycling as well as climbing mountains without difficulty. But all cycle tours are planned in a way that enables also cyclist riding a hybrid bike - but wanting to spend their vacation on one of the deluxe boats - to join the bike rides trouble-free if they have a basic level of fitness. With the brand new deluxe boats Princeza Diana and Harmonia you can experience on this trip the greenest part of Croatia for one week: Not only the famous national parks of Dalmatia like Krka and Kornati or the nature park of Telašćica are part of this wonderful tour but also the medieval old towns of Šibenik, Zadar and Trogir. We also visit Dugi Otok – probably the most beautiful Middle-Dalmatian Island.

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