Bahia: The Turquoise State

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Where can you find leisurely tropical beaches and intricate mountain ranges in one place? Bahia, of course!


Brazil is widely known for its picturesque landscapes, beaches, and ocean views, and one of the more popular areas of Brazil is the state of Bahia. Sitting on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, this beautiful state was discovered in the beginning of the 16th century and quickly became a vital source of sugar for Portugal as plantations were set up on the land. It didn't take much longer for the area to introduce other goods such as cocoa and paper products. Today, Bahia is an independent state richly surrounded in forest and sea. As a matter of fact, Bahia's coastline measures over 1100 km, making it the longest coastline in all of Brazil.


There are seven regions of Bahia, and you can visit them all:

  1. Cacao Coast – wetlands, rivers, and reefs make this a great place to go exploring
  2. The Discovery Coast – try hiking over the cliffs and across rivers
  3. The Coconut Coast – lush coconut groves comprise this region along with beautiful rivers and sandy banks
  4. Dendê Coast – rain forest area with stunning displays of colourful flora
  5. All Saints Bay –  the largest bay on the coast contains a whopping 56 islands
  6. The Whale Coast – between July and November, the whales in this area are abundant
  7. The Diamantina Tableland Region – rivers cut into mountains to create a perfect backdrop for photography


Tourists to Bahia generally come for one main reason - the beaches. A tropical paradise, sandy white beaches reach out to clear, turquoise waters. Whether you prefer to sit back and take in the sun, eat lunch under the shade of a palm, or join in one of many available water activities, you'll be certain to have the perfect vacation for relaxing and taking things easy. 



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