Adventure Awaits at Chicamocha National Park

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Aug 26 · in Colombia · about Outdoor Activities

Don't miss one of Colombia's most impressive natural attractions - Chicamocha National Park has a lot to discover.

The majestic Chicamocha Canyon is a popular Colombian natural attraction; a paradise-like visual spectacle, and home to the Chicamocha national Park, which covers 264 hectares and offers visitors contact with nature, as well as extreme amusement.

The park, located in the heart of the canyon, opened its gates in December, 2007, and has a number of attractions to visit. These include:

  • The Monument to Santander Pride – an enormous leaf with 35 sculptures on top; constructed to commemorate a popular Colombian revolt.
  • Plazas and parks – Chicamocha National Park consists of several plazas representing various aspects of Colombian culture and heritage. The Exhibit Hall, where artists display their works is also in this area.
  • Goat Park – Where various species of goats are gathered in corrals; visitors can observe and feed them
  • Ostrich Park – Featuring ostriches; visitors can observe and admire these birds and their activities.