A Visit With Congo Gorillas

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When making plans to visit the Congo, it's not about the cities you visit, and it's not the food you travel so far to sample ... you travel to see the noble king of the Congo – the Gorilla.


The Congo has one of the largest populations of lowland gorillas on Earth. Unfortunately, this may soon change due to the accelerated rate at which they are being slaughtered.

Conservationists in the Congo dedicate their time and efforts to protecting the species, and you can take a trip through the wilderness with the team as you learn about the environment, the gorillas (along with other native species), and the ongoing struggle to keep the Congo pure.


As you venture by foot or by kayak through the Congo Basin, you approach an area of the world untouched by human developments. The gorillas can be seen here, living in harmony with the colourful birds and smaller land creatures who dwell there. Make sure you take the time to really appreciate the the habitat and the antics of the fun-loving Gorilla – it's an opportunity few people are given.

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