A Unique Wilderness Adventure: Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge | from $10,500.00 CAD

Posted by Dana Elford · in Nunavut, Nunavut · about Adventure

A Unique Wilderness Adventure: Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge | from $10,500.00 CAD

Posted by Dana Elford · in Nunavut, Nunavut · about Adventure

The Most Northerly Lodge On Earth

One of our preferred partners in the Arctic own and operate this amazing and unique lodge 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Situated on the shores of the Northwest Passage the Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is a world-class beluga whale observation site that offers access to hiking, kayaking, Arctic safaris with muskox, polar bears, belugas and more. Enjoy comfortable accommodations, nightly lectures, five-star dining and more!

In operation since 1999, Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is located at Cunningham Inlet on Somerset Island, Nunavut. Canada’s twelfth biggest island, Somerset Island has no permanent residents on its 24786 square kilometers (9570 miles sq).

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is a family-run basecamp, hosted by arctic enthusiasts Josée Auclair and her husband, Richard Weber, along with their two sons, Tessum and Nansen. Having lead some of the first polar expeditions to successfully reach the North Pole, set speed records at both poles, recipient of the Order of Canada, renowned Arctic Wildlife photographer and world-class polar guides, the Weber family knows Arctic! Tessum has personally visited the North South Travel office and it was so clear how passionate he was about his family business and how knowledgeable he was on the Arctic region!

A world class beluga whale observation site, Cunningham Inlet is of particular interest to naturalists, photographers and travellers looking to experience the high Arctic. As many as two thousand whales come to the inlet to nurse their young and molt their skin in the relatively warm water of the Cunningham River. While also home to Arctic animals such as muskox, polar bears and Arctic foxes the terrain offers easy passage to both hikers and sea kayakers.

Remarkable Comfort & Hospitality At 74° North

Years ago, travel to the High Arctic meant sleeping in a tent on the tundra, with no electricity or hot water. The Arctic Watch Wildness Lodge is a testament to just how much things have changed and to the level of comfort—even luxury—that today’s Arctic travellers can expect. It’s the most northerly fly-in lodge in the world and offers a level of accommodation that’s the equivalent to that of a five-star hotel in Nunavut.

  • 16 Private Guest Cabins
  • Cozy beds and thick fluffy duvets
  • Marine toilet & sink
  • Private showers are located in the main complex
  • Receive a hot-water bottle before bed every night
  • No electricity past 11pm until the early morning
  • Fresh water 24/7
  • Main Great Room which includes the Lounge, Interpretive Centre and extensive Arctic library
  • Canadian local dining experiences

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is located in the High Arctic, an environmentally fragile area. Due to the lodge’s location, they are keenly aware of the sensitive nature of the land and wildlife that surround them, and strive to make as little impact as possible.

Adventure & Wildlife At 74° Degrees North

Spend 8/10 days exploring the Canadian Arctic at this unique wilderness lodge. The lodge offers guests fully guided opportunities for diverse adventure activities, and extraordinary polar photography thanks to 24 hours of daylight. Observe the elusive musk ox, polar bear and more wildlife in their natural habitat and enjoy comfortable accommodations and superb food, all accessible via a scenic flight from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Day-by-Day Expedition in Brief:

  • Encounter rarely seen and iconic arctic wildlife and their habitats: polar bears, muskoxen, ringed seals, bird cliffs, fox dens and much more
  • Visit the Cunningham River estuary, seasonal home to hundreds of beluga whales
  • Take advantage of included equipment and activities such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), a Mercedes Unimog, kayaking, rafting, fishing and hiking
  • Visit Cape Anne Thule sites with ancient stone and bone houses
  • Unique photography opportunities
  • Make the most of optional activities such as fishing for arctic char, and the Beechey Island fly-in excursion
  • Enjoy an included night at a hotel in Yellowknife before and after your trip

Contact one of our Adventure Specialists today to find out more about this unique Arctic experience calling us at 604-736-7447 or by clicking on the contact us button at the top of this page.

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