5 Facts about Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket is a province and an island located on the southern parts of Thailand with its closest neighbors being Phang Nga and Krabi. The island is connected to the mainland Thailand by two bridges. Its location off the western coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea makes it one of the best adventure destinations in Asia.

Formerly, Phuket derived its wealth from selling timber and rubber. It was the main trading route between India and China; but other foreign ships also used the Andaman Sea shipping lane with the most common being the Portuguese, French, Dutch and English traders.

Here is some new information you probably did not know about Phuket:

1. Phuket was called 'Thalang' in the Past

The name Thalang comes from ancient Malay which literally means 'cape'. In European maps, Phuket was also known as Jung Ceylon, a corruption of the Malay name 'Malay Tanjung Salan' which means Cape Salang.

2. The Symbol of Phuket is Thao thep kasatri and Thao sri sunthon Heroines Monuments - The reason why these two heroines are featured as the symbols of the Island is because they protected the province from attacks by Burmese soldiers in 1785. In the year, the governor of the province died and the Burmese thought it was an easy conquest. However, Khun Jan, the governor’s wife and Khun Mook her sister ordered the women to dress and men and take positions in the Thalang city walls. Afraid that the province had many soldiers, the Burmese retreated and the Thalang city was protected.

3. Tin in Phuket n 17th Century

The Phuket province was a rich producer of Tin and thus thrived in the 17th century from trading in tin with the Dutch, English and French. The province was strategically located on a major shipping route and thus was an obvious trading outpost for major companies then.

4. Tsunami in 2004

Phuket was one of the most affected areas after an earthquake in the Indian Ocean brought the sea waters on to the land. Most of the tourist infrastructure you find in the island is relatively new.

5. It is Thailand's largest Island

The province of Phuket is slightly smaller than the Island of Singapore, but it is the largest Thailand Island. Phuket is largely mountains with the Mountains of Phuket ranging for 400 kilometers from Kra Isthmus.

If you are planning to visit Thailand, your trip will not be complete without gracing the Phuket beaches, caves and mountains. Phuket is second to Bangkok only in attracting tourists to Bangkok and thus a tour here will be money well spent.

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