5 Things to Know about Malacca, Malaysia

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On the southern region of the Malay Peninsula off the Straits of Malacca lies the third smallest Malaysian State of Malacca. It is fondly referred to as 'the historical city' due to the fact that it was the seat of authority of the first Malay sultanate that was abolished in 1511 when the Portuguese conquered it. In July of 2008, the Malacca's town center was listed by UNESCO as a world Heritage Site.

Take a look at the list of the things you did not know about Malacca below.

1. Founding - Before the Sultans arrived, Malacca was a sleepy fishing village where the local Malays survived by fishing. The State would be found by Parameswara or Iskandar Shah or Sri Majara who was the last Raja of Singapore following a Majapahit attack in 1377.

2. Portuguese Colony - In the year 1511, Alfonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese set sail from Goa to Malacca with a 1200-men strong army and 18 ships. He conquered the sultanate and sold off the Muslims to slavery and the remainders were massacred. He however spared the Hindu, Chinese and Burmese.

3. Dutch and British Rule - The Dutch defeated the Portuguese in 1641 with the help of Sultan of Johore. However, they preferred Batavia (present day Jakarta) as their main trading hub. Their disinterest in developing Malacca led to the signing of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824 when they ceded it to the British.

4. Malacca's slogan is 'Visiting Malacca Means Visiting Malaysia' - Indeed the city authorities and tourism practitioners have done exceedingly well in trying to bring in more tourists in the state. Malacca's Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum and the Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum are some of the most visited museums in Malaysia.

5. Malacca still has a population of Portuguese Ancestry which speaks Portuguese Creole - You would love to sample some of the dishes served by these people which include; Devil's Curry and Portuguese egg tarts. While at it, why don't you try the town's cuisine - the Ikan Bakar?

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